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5-Minute Recipes
/ Case Study

Do you have 5 Minutes? That’s all you need to cook delicious dishes.

5-Minute Recipes is a digital recipe book with short preparations available as an Alexa Skill. Users will be able to prepare meals at home for their breakfast, lunch or dinner while they are on the go.


  • UX Project for Career Foundry


  • Paulos Mesghina

Problem Statement

Our users need a quick and easy way to prepare food because they don’t have enough time to cook at home.


  • User Personas / Voice Personas.
  • User Flows.
  • Scripts for intro + recipe instructions.
  • Iterations.
  • Mutlimodal Interactions.
My Role

UX designer, Voice User Interface Design


Understanding the problem

I’ve cooked all my life, so my perspective on cooking might be different to someone that struggles with the day-to-day of preparing something or improvising a recipe to fill their stomach in a nutritious and tasty way.


To approach this project, I interviewed five people who lead busy lives, are not fans of cooking and don’t have the time to search for something online. After my conversations with them, I developed user stories for voice based on the objectives of the brief followed by user personas.

User Personas / Voice Personas

User Persona
Voice Persona
Sample Dialog

Inspired by the personas and user stories.

  • U: Alexa, I need a dinner recipe for 4 people from Five-Minute Recipe.
  • S: Hello, hello. I’m glad to help. Before I search for a recipe, are there any dietary restrictions for your party?
  • U: Yes, it has to be vegetarian.
  • S: I have several vegetarian options for you and your party. Some delicious Chickpea Tacos, some filling Vegetarian Nachos and a Pesto Salad with roasted peppers.
  • U: How do other users rank the Tacos?
  • S: The Chickpea Tacos have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 among 189 users.
  • U: Sounds good. I’ll cook the tacos.
  • S: Your party is going to love it. Let’s get started....

User Flow for Voice


Scripts and Iterations

Click here to check the sample scripts for the instructions and intro.

Utterances to start skill

(2 out of 20 utterances)

"Alexa, I want to eat in five minutes".

"Alexa, I'm hungry".

System Response Welcome Back

(2 out of 10 utterances)

"Hello, hello. What can I help you prepare?"

"Hangry or hungry? Here are some quick snacks you will love".

Multimodal Interactions

After testing and making it even more accessible, I created different layouts for Alexa devices.

Easy Assistance

Click to play an audio sample

Voice Sample #1

Starting Skill

Voice Sample #2

Substitute Ingredient

Voice Sample #3

Changing Recipe Quantities



80% of users value time more than eating healthy. It is something they are interested in but not something they want to act on right away.

There is a higher value of time rather than eating correctly. 5-Minute Recipes could use this to hook users into thinking more about themselves and how they eat.


Prompts and utterances changed several times after testing. It was interesting to see how users behaved with the skill vs the initial sample dialogues.

Creating or finding recipes that take 5 minutes or less takes time.


As a cooking enthusiast, I always have to consider other POVs and not simply my own; testing was a great way to notice this.

Multimodal is a great way to assure users they are doing things the right way.

Different backgrounds mean different usage of words and phrases. Testing users from diverse backgrounds will bring more information on how to structure the scripts.