La Lavanderie
/ Case Study

A fast and easy way to get your clothes perfect.

La Lavanderie is an app that provides home dry cleaning, laundry service, alterations and clothing repairs. The app delivers and picks up the users' clothes in 24 hours with the possibility of choosing the best date for pick up, making their lives easier.


  • La Lavanderie


  • 2018

Problem Statement

Our personas need an intuitive way to add items to the kart because they feel there is too much information and steps before checking out.


  • Sign up - Log in
  • Home Screen
  • Browsing for items
  • Payment method
  • Check out
My Role

UX Research, UX Design and UI


Survey & Interview

The general objective of the survey and interviews is to comprehend users' pain points and find why they have stopped using La Lavanderie so we can figure out how to provide the best solution.

Our survey and interview focused on users who have stopped or have reduced the use of the app.

88 participants were involved in the answers to the survey.

5 participants 3 were interviewed live, 1 online, 1 by phone.

Survey goals

  • Have a better understanding of why they aren't using the app.
  • Understand user friction.
  • Understand what topics they would want to see in the app.

Pain Points & Insights

  • Prices in the current version of La Lavanderie were not final, the app wasn't showing the final price.
  • Registration seemed difficult, and payment information didn't work on occasions.
  • The categories were not clear especially the clothing repairs.
  • Users felt the competition had a more intuitive app.

User Personas


Reframing the problem

How can we reduce friction for the users to find items and add them to the kart quickly?

User Flows

Wireframes & Prototyping

After establishing the user flows,
I created low-fidelity wireframes based on a similar layout to the old app, then I built a clickable prototype.


After I validated the prototype, I designed high-fidelity mockups inspired by the brand's colours and elements.

New iteration

La Lavanderie



La Lavanderie can also make life easier for recurring customers by adding a reorder option that could make them improve sales. Also, in the future, a chat option to talk directly to the clients could make the experience seamless, instead of having the clients run an external app like Whatsapp. Voice actions could also simplify the search on their extensive catalogue.


The budget was limited. The redesign was based on the previous layout. There are some problems with the server that still showed issues. Money constrictions with the developer made it impossible to improve much further.

Also, I did this without an official UX course, it was learning and reasearching by myself.


Onboarding is necessary and missing.

The app should send a message or notification to them on the day of the delivery.

Make the app have its own messaging system so the plant can send an image of any damage to the user.